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November 02, 2014  •  1 Comment

Some very good friends of mine Sara and Tyler just got married. They had a destination wedding down in the area of Tail of the Dragon which is in NC on the TN border. The area is known for the sports cars it attracts and it's just plain beautiful with mountain views and twisty roads to enjoy.

The groomsmen were getting ready at a resort that was about 15 miles from where the bride and her attendants were getting ready so the photographer was going to be with the brides. Tyler asked if I could shoot the groomsmen getting ready and I was happy to do it. I love hanging out with car guys and these guys have some amazing vehicles. They also share a trait where they really don't like posing for pictures. I had to keep them relaxed and work without disturbing their day. 

It was a rainy day and all of the guys were staying in the same cabin. I used natural lighting and did my best to stay out of the way. So I was happily shooting while Duane the best man assisted Tyler


A funny joke was cracked and I got the reaction



It was a small bathroom and Duane the best man grabbed a shot of me getting shots of Tyler. As you can see, I really do work to get that shot!

The guys had real bow ties but they hadn't actually learned how to tie them in advance. They did think to download a few Youtube videos but as you can see, this was not really helping.


In the end one guy got his bow tie tied and the rest had to get Sara the bride to help. This was really comical and just added to the fun of the day.  By the way, these bow ties had race track patterns on them, like I said car guys. The guys did like their shirts and socks though!


This shot is taken at the reception, they're relaxed and happy and a great day was had by all


And in case you're wondering, here's the groom's car. A Lotus Exige named Lattrice, love that car!





Sara Pepin(non-registered)
Ali - we can't thank you enough. You had some very challenging lighting and challenging subjects, yet you still captured some of the best moments of the day. We're so happy that you were there to share the day with us - you helped make it perfect!!
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