I'm excited, my image won a spot in the coveted Motoring Alliance Calendar

November 21, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Every year there is a call for images to be submitted for the Motoring Alliance calendar of MINI Coopers. In the last few years I've had images that I took of other people's MINIs make the calendar but never an image of my precious Tigger. This year I submitted one image that I loved of Tigger. I loved this image so much that I also made it my wallpaper on my work computer. I see it every day and I always remember when I took it.

It was early morning and we were by the lake near Fontana Village, the fog was rolling in and I was waiting on some clients to come get their MINI Glamour shots. I popped an orange gelled flash under Tigger's front tire and took some shots. Here's the image and it won the month of May! A portrait of my MINI that I love, I'm excited that he will grace a page in the Motoring Alliance!!!! 



If interested you can buy the calendar here






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