Traci Lynn Fashion Show

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I was recently invited to cover a fashion show for the jewelry company Traci Lynn

My friend Bekka sells this beautiful jewelry and wanted me to shoot for them. Since I have several pieces of the jewelry and I not only love them but find them very affordable I was happy to take on this job. First thing, I needed a Voice Activated Lightstand (VAL). You can't bring in light stands to something like this and I really hate the look of on camera lighting. I asked my friend Shawna to help. Shawna writes a fashion blog and I knew she would love it. Here's her blog

This was exciting and it presented some challenges. Event photography is always a challenge because things happen fast and you need to be able to adapt quickly to changing lighting, movement, activities and work in less than ideal situations. The lighting is frequently fairly low and coming from many sources. Bringing in the off camera light helped because I know now that my models will have good lighting which will also help the jewelry to pop. I've also found that in order to cover an event you need to shoot A LOT of images and just keep shooting. Capture the before, during, after and the ambiance. This first shot was taken while the models prepped for the show


I positioned myself at the end of the runway to capture the models coming in my direction. Shawna was positioned along the aisle with the light, we coordinated the spot and it worked out very well. Here are some shots from the show itself

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After the show the models were all enjoying themselves and I ran back to get some shots of them with some of the jewelry. With Shawna by my side we got some nice images of the models with some of the jewelry on, look at this necklace. It's stunning!


Finally the models were done and they started playing, I was happy to capture these fun images of them being themselves. They worked hard and deserved a little fun time

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