Headshots in Georgetown DC

September 15, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I was recently hired by John to capture some professional headshots. He wanted an urban look to the images and chose Georgetown to shoot in. I call these my walkabout shoots because we walk around and look for a good spot to shoot images. All of the images were shot with natural light but in order to do that I looked for natural light sources such as light concrete which helps to provide naturally soft lighting. His wife came along and assisted when needed with the diffuser but the images that I like the best were shot on the edge of the shade with some really nice backgrounds.

In most cases a headshot needs to capture the qualities of friendly and approachable. John wore a very nice suit in a neutral tone which was perfect. The idea of a headshot is to make the person the star, not their outfit or the surroundings. Those things are there to enhance and support the image but should not compete with the subject.

Here are a few of my favorite images from the session. This one was shot in the shade, we used the reflector to fill in just a little and add light to his eyes. 



This one was shot in the shade with pure natural lighting, stone background lends a nice background without being distracting.



I like the bright fresh look of this image which was shot in full sun with a diffuser providing some softening of the light.



This last image is a bit more serious and gives a different feel.


John was very happy with his images and a blast to work with. He prepared for the shoot and picked a great location which is the best way to be successful. The more someone prepares for a photo session the better chance they have of getting the images that they envisioned. I had a lot of fun on this one and would love to shoot more of these types of headshots. They're modern and look professional.



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