Vacation in Rincon Puerto Rico

January 14, 2015  •  2 Comments

My husband and I just returned from a wonderful trip to Rincon, Puerto Rico. It was our first visit to this part of the island and our 4th visit to Puerto Rico. Rincon is known for it's waves in the winter and is a surfers beach. People bring their dogs to the beach and I have never seen such happy dogs enjoying the beach. The area is also known for it's sunsets and it did not disappoint. 

First, some happy dogs



The surfing was fun and I enjoyed shooting some of the surfers enjoying the waves


I saw this sign on the side of the road and it captured the quirky nature of the area


and last, a sunset at Steps Beach. If you like to shoot sunsets you want to shoot them on a tripod with a small aperture and a longer exposure. The small aperture helps to create the starring of the sun and the longer exposures allow you to capture some movement in the clouds. The tripod is needed to keep the camera stable for longer exposures, this one is a 1 second exposure which is too long to hand hold.


We loved Rincon and will be going back next year. It's a small town and easy to get around. It's beautiful and the people are really friendly. This is a place that is worth the travel.


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