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I did another cosplay shoot, this time in the studio with the lovely Jennifer. We collaborated on costumes and looks and I reserved the grunge studio at Union 206 for us to work in.

Jennifer brought enough for a full day shoot, but we had 2 hours and had to work fast and pare down the looks. I learned how to tie up a proper burlesque corset which was an interesting lesson. I grow so much at every shoot, never know what I'll be learning about. 

I find the cosplay really lends itself to compositing so we planned some ideas and I shot for that. For example with Riversong from Dr Who we used the fog machine and blue light to bring in that sci fi look, I composited in a Tardis and Jennifer had the look and the props



I also used a similar set up for this one but no fog machine


For Bellatrix LaStrange we went with Red to bring out the evil

A73A4902-Edit-Edit-2A73A4902-Edit-Edit-2 A73A4933-EditA73A4933-Edit

We also shot some burlesque which was fun and sassy

A73A5015-EditA73A5015-Edit There were a lot more looks in the session. I just wanted to share a few. Cosplay is fun since it brings your imagination to life. Coupling Cosplay with photoshop composites can create the impossible or just bend reality a bit. 

I really enjoy this kind of work but even more I enjoy collaborating with the subject to create something fun





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