Project 52 - a piece of art a week

February 22, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Last year I completed Project 365 and took a picture a day. While I learned a lot and I enjoyed finding new ways to see and capture I also found that many days my heart wasn't in it. I found days that I would just shoot something because I had to not because I was inspired. 

So this year I decided to do my own project. This project is one image a week, but that image will be intentional, something that I work on and challenge myself. So I started in January, I am now 8 weeks in and I think I would like to share the images here on my blog. For the first few blogs I'm going to play catch up and then will post weekly. 

Week one

I shot my first Boudoir session and found it to be a lot of fun. I took an image from the session and decided to challenge myself by adding some tattoos and also to change the tones and lighting a bit, added the curtains and changed the colors to bring out the purple tones. 

Week two

We took a trip to Rincon, Puerto Rico and stayed at the most beautiful inn. The inn had a pool that fascinated us in its design and the colors of the lights. At night my husband and I enjoyed just sitting and watching the lights change color. One night I set up my camera and tripod and shot all of the various colors and I thought to myself that it would be really pretty to have most of the colors in the same image. When we got home I processed several of the images together in Photoshop to create this peaceful image.

Week three

This week I wanted to work with a composited image adding a MINI Cooper to a background that I had created. I incorporated a Union Jack flag to honor the MINIs British roots. This MINI was shot in the studio, the background is created by several images to give the gritty look that I wanted to bring to it. 


Week 4 

This week I really pushed myself. I had seen a blog where another photographer showed how to make a dress out of flowers and I thought it would be fun to do something similar with feathers. I worked with Sasha in the studio and shot various parts of the feathers and created the dress that Sasha is wearing. This background is from Longwood Gardens in PA




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