The Northern Goddess Studio shoot

February 13, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I have not stopped shooting my goddesses but I have stopped trying to find what they're named. They depict goddesses of the elements or aspects of nature. They are strong women that are also beautiful and each has a different quality or strength in their portrait. 

I decided that Sara would be the perfect model for my winter goddess, I love her soft complexion, piercing blue eyes and how it's offset by her amazing red hair. So we got together to shoot in the studio. My final vision was one of her in the snow wearing a flowing white dress that had wisps that whipped around her. Luckily I have learned compositing as I don't think she would have wanted to stand out in the snow in a little dress to model and honestly the final result would not have worked out as well. I live on a golf course and I frequently will telework so one day we had a snowstorm and I was home teleworking. At lunch I grabbed my camera and ran out to the golf course to get some snow scenes. I used one of those images at the start to the compositing work with Sara. 

This image is a simple headshot where we wrapped her in faux fur and I used the golf course as a background. I really liked the intensity of her stare coupled with the softness surrounding her.



Next came the Northern Goddess piece. We took several images with fabric whipping around her to give me something to work with. By shooting these at the same time I can incorporate them into the scene better. They have the same lighting and contrast as she does.


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This is the final result, which I finished by creating a bit of a watercolor drawing effect.




I really enjoy these artistic representations of women with the elements and energetic forces. Sara depicts a strong icy detachment and yet she's staring right at the viewer in an engaging way. She has a gentle easy control of her hostile surroundings and is comfortable with it all. Her red hair adds some warmth and fire to the image giving her life amongst the ice cold winds.


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