Zumba dancing

March 27, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I recently was contacted by Kareemah who wanted to do some images to promote her Zumba business. She chose to do my studio experience package which is a 2 hour studio shoot. We really needed the studio as it gives us the space that we needed for her to move. I've shot dancers before but I was always the one calling the shots to get the look that I wanted, this time we were going for what Kareemah wanted so we collaborated. We started before the shoot with a shared Pinterest board. With both of us pinning we were soon on the same page understanding the look and feel. Kareemah was totally awesome in communicating and listening to my tips.

We met for the first time right before the shoot and got to work. I  am capable of quickly adapting to people and found that she and I were very similar. We just got to work and had fun with it. She had a few outfits so we started shooting with some music  while she danced. After I had some shots we stopped and I showed her what we were getting. We looked at the way she was coming across in the images and tweaked her dance moves to give more of the look that she wanted. She worked her butt off dancing for most of the two hours and I will tell you she is a smooth dancer.

Here's one of the simple dance shots, we both loved this belt/ skirt it really moved with her.


Later I got inspired and created a few images for her that I felt conveyed the feeling of Zumba. In this image I used the design of her T-shirt and replicated it to fill her silhouette with the pattern. Later the musical notes were aded to weave through the image and give it more movement.  


I also wanted to create a composite of Kareemah's all dancing together. These were all composited in Photoshop and the background was purposely kept simple to keep the focus on Kareemah.


This shoot was so much fun and it was tiring. Kareemah and I worked together to create the images and the final results gave her the mood and energy that she was looking for. I love these kinds of shoots they're full of laughter and hard work, it's a good kind of hard work



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