Introducing Boudoir

April 13, 2015  •  2 Comments

I have always loved the look of retro boudoir glam images. When I see the film noir images or the 1940's movie star head shots they always stop me in my tracks. The one thing that has  stopped me from boudoir sessions has been the logistics. I really don't want to rent an expensive hotel room and try and shoot a bunch of sessions to make the cost work out. I also really like to take my time during a shoot and I wanted a setting that would enhance the look of boudoir yet give me the space to move and no distractions. Enter Union 206 the studio that I'm a member of. 

They recently moved to a new location and I was over the moon thrilled to read that one of their new studios had a boudoir set up. I booked that studio so fast because I HAD to shoot there and see what I could do. I contacted a beautiful model to work with and we started our vision board on Pinterest. We decided that a retro look with high contrast low key lighting was the way to go. In case you're curious, this is the link to our board

The Pinterest board helps us get on board with each other for the look and feel of the shoot. It's not meant to copy the work of other photographers. 

So Christina and I got to work at the studio. I brought a big white faux fur which was super useful and Christina brought some amazing outfits, the girl can shop!!!

Since I know you want to see the pictures, here's a favorite


We had a little fun with this image


This one is the result of me asking her for FIERCE!!! 


Finally I have to do headshots, it's like torture to not let me take a headshot. So I took some of Christina and composited this final image. It's one of the few that I felt was best left in color.




If you're interested in a boudoir session with me please email or call (703) 201-6899

We can work out a session and give you an experience that will be as amazing as the resulting images





That is beautiful! I love it! So glad you found a place to shoot because this is something I would love to do!
Good job Alicyn! Great images.
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