Instructional Designer Looking for work

June 11, 2015  •  1 Comment

Bob is a very talented instructional designer who's looking for a new job. He came to me because he really truly needed a good professional headshot for his LinkedIn profile and his website. He gave me permission to show his current headshot which was a cell phone selfie. I am using this to show you a good before and after, it really tells a story.

Here is the headshot that Bob was using on his website, I saw this and knew I had to help him

This is not his fault, he's not a photographer he's an instructional designer and a really good one. He's not only technically good at his job but he's also one of those really fun people to be around. So if you're company likes to have engaging and talented people, consider Bob. However, I'm not sure this headshot would really make you want to hire him. So we did a quick headshot session.

Bob has a sense of humor which came out quickly as I did the lighting check. Yeah, don't think we'll be using this shot


Not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera so I let them play, let em get it out of their system. We worked with him for awhile and in the end had these two headshots for him to use. They make him the star of the shot, they're in focus and the color tones are balanced. This is the Bob that you'll want to hire!!!




Did I mention that he's a genius? Really he is, not joking.

If you're interested in hiring him here's his site with contact info



Well done, Ali. Great work, and I'm sure this will help Bob immensely. Good luck, Bob!
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