Retro Boudoir

July 12, 2015  •  1 Comment

I love the contrast and mood of 1940's glam and film noir images. They have class, beauty and an element of drama that really draws me in. So I recently decided to do a boudoir shoot with a retro feel to the images. I worked with Morgana who is a beautiful model and really fun to collaborate with. I really feel that to get the best out of anyone you want to work with them to get images that will capture them authentically. 

Morgana and I met at Union 206 studio with Esmaralda who assisted during the session. I like to work with an all female creative team for boudoir style shoots, especially if that will make the model feel more relaxed.

We started off working on some retro dark and moody shots where I wanted to work with a mirror. This is one of the finished shots that I really liked


After the mirror we worked on some more traditional boudoir poses while keeping with the vintage theme, she's using a vintage fur here that belonged to her grandmother.


Anyone that has followed my work knows that I love headshots and I'm not happy if I don't get to do a few. We went all out glam on this one and went for that soft look of a 1940's Hollywood starlet, I composited the city skyline into the background in post processing.


After this we fired up the fog machine because you can't do film noir without fog. The top image is a composite, while the bottom image is not. Both images of Morgana were shot in the boudoir studio of Union 206

MorganaMorgana A73A0101-EditA73A0101-Edit

At this point we had a slew of shots and felt good but we also had time left in the studio. We looked around and set up a scene with the props and let Morgana play. We wound up with some really fun images and this one was by  far my favorite


If you're looking to do a retro style boudoir please contact me with your ideas. I would be happy to work with you and collaborate to give you an experience and images that will be very special.






Robin Rogers(non-registered)
These are really beautiful Alicyn! Love your use of light and fog. Very nice work!
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