Pinup boudoir with Elena

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 Elena had a vision of doing a pinup style boudoir glam shoot. Well of course I was all over that. She's vavoom and she's got attitude. I knew our shoot would go well. We started a Pinterest board and started pinning, we pinned for weeks before the shoot and we knew what we were going for by the time we got to the studio. 

As usual I asked her to bring a friend because I find that having a friend along helps keep the models comfortable and they're really useful with assisting. About an hour before the session I get a text "Can we bring wine?" 

"Of course you can!"

Oh boy, this is going to be a fun one!!!

Elena arrives with her hair up and with victory rolls. Her makeup was flawless and she has Brad and Becky in tow, they are two of her best friends and they are all excited to be there. Becky walks into the studio and can't contain her joy at how amazing it all is. I would like to note now that most of the wine was actually drank by Brad and Becky since Elena was busy posing and changing outfits. 

Elena had some amazing outfits with her and we started shooting. On some coaxing from Brad we got this shot which I just love, plus that polka dot bustier was just adorable!!!! 



Elena went to change and I needed to reset up the lights. I like to use the friend to help me with this. Well with two friends I got this for the light check. I love silly I think it makes the shoot better.

A73A4151A73A4151 I love this shot of Elena, she is just so pretty and was very relaxed for the session


Here's another with a vintage processing


And one more with the mirror with a classic pinup look




I want to leave you with one more behind the scenes of Brad explaining a pose that he thought Elena should do.

A73A4352A73A4352 Silliness is a part of all of my shoots. If you can't be silly you won't be as creative. I encourage the silly and lots of laughing because it makes the whole experience fun. It's not just about the pictures it's also about the way you felt when the images were captured.

I'm also a big collaborator and love to work with someone to capture their vision. It's never my vision alone it's my interpretation of their vision. 

Boudoir has become one of my favorite styles of photography. If you're interested in a session please let me know and I can work with you to get the look that you want and have a fun silly time getting there.




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