Pinup with a classic Mini

January 15, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I Love shooting Pinup!!! I love the expression and the fun attitude and I find with Pinup it's more about capturing an action and expression, where boudoir is more about the a sultry mood. Pinup can be sexy and it can be silly and fun. 

Last spring at MINIs on the Dragon I was hired to shoot a Pinup session of the lovely Teresa. She and her boyfriend each have classic Minis and she wanted to shoot with her car. Well classics are fickle and her Mini was in the shop so she shot with her boyfriend's Mini. She did her own hair, makeup and wardrobe and really brought it! She also brought the attitude.

So we picked a location that had a pretty background where I could also get her in the shade. The last thing I wanted her harsh shadows. I also brought along some speedlights, umbrella and a reflector and a great assistant. I like pinup to be bright as that reflects the fun attitude and this Mini was the perfect color. Here's a behind the scenes of us popping Teresa up onto the roof. It's important to use the manly muscles when needed. Roger did great with hoisting duty and as you can see Teresa is having a blast


We worked through a variety of poses and the following are the ones we liked best. I converted some to black and white. The color ones are colorized in Photoshop to give a vintage look. When I shoot pinup I like to get the skin really smooth, clean up the image and add a fair amount of contrast. Then I take it into the color mixer and add a final filter which is toned down but brings a vintage look to the image. 












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