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I'm coming to MINIs on the Dragon 2015

December 23, 2014  •  1 Comment

I've been working hard to understand compositing for one very simple reason, I want to be able to deliver a unique and custom product to my fellow MINIacs at MINIs on the Dragon 2015. The last 3 years I've worked there in parking lots and created images against the lovely views that the mountains have to offer but I heard people asking for more. I was asked to do other locations. As I scoped out other locations I found limitations in parking or distance from Fontana. Then there's weather and time of day. People frequently wanted that early morning fog shot but there were only so many appointments that could offer that. High noon doesn't provide the best light as the shadows are harsh.

Then it came to me, if I had a studio I could create the lighting conditions that I need and composite the MINI into any background that I wanted. I started collecting backgrounds and was even lucky enough to get to Fontana in October when I shot lots more backgrounds. I've learned a lot. I learned that you can't just composite onto any pretty image and that you really do need to shoot the background with compositing in mind. I have now built up an extensive library of backgrounds to use in my compositing.

I rented a 20' x 20' tent on vendor row so that I could work in any kind of light or weather. I have studio lights and modifiers to make it all work together. I am ready for this and looking forward to the challenges that you bring with your MINI and your imagination.

I also learned how to work with a plug in that allows me to create some really fun effects. In my typical Ali way I couldn't just turn on the plugin and be done with it. Instead I used it to get me most of the way there and then blend and enhance the effect achieved in Photoshop for a more customized look. For example images like this beautiful coupe which was originally shot sitting still. I added the motion, converted to an inverted line drawing and tweaked the overall look.



I have and still am obsessing and working on creating composites. Why composites?

Because compositing allows me to create the image that may have been difficult or impossible to create onsite. For example last year I had so many requests for different areas, but I can't be at all places and traveling around would mean I would have to charge a lot more. This image of Hilary is a composite. She was shot in the studio with her two cars, I then composited them into this scene from a viewpoint off of route 28 not far from Fontana dam.


Here's another fun one made up of three images.



I have obsessed over techniques and how to present a MINI in a way that is new and fresh and I'm ready for the Dragon. I want to create unique works of art for people that love their MINIs. I love the excitement of someone that loves their car and their image. I want to give you something that you are proud to hang in your home. 

So this is how it works. You make an appointment with me at the Dragon; book early to guarantee your spot! I'll have you check out the available backgrounds and pick out what you want, then we decide on the best angle to shoot the MINI to look best in the scene. Bring the MINI into the tent and I will composite them together later and deliver the image within a few weeks of the Dragon. You will see the raw proof of your MINI before you leave, but the compositing takes time.


You may not want to do a composite but you want an artistic creation. In that case, pick your angle and tell me the look that your'e going for.


If you contact me early enough we can start working on the details of your piece before you even arrive. AND if you have two MINIs, I can make it work to put both in the same scene, it will just take an additional image and increase the cost a little bit.

For more details on booking a session at the Dragon look here

I really look forward to working with you and your MINI





Andy Dubreuil(non-registered)
Great job Aliycn, I've just subscribed so will watch with great interest. AndyD
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