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Is your LinkedIn headshot helping you?

July 02, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I’ve blogged many times about headshots. Why do I do this? Because there is a huge need for people to understand why a good headshot is important.

I have spoken to people and many think that they just don’t photograph well. A lot of people get  stressed out at the thought of their picture being taken and so they just go with something fast and painless. However, you’re living with this image as your professional online representation to potential clients and employees.

I recently went through my contacts on LinkedIn and identified several common issues with many of the images that people were using for professional representation.

1.     The standard silhouette – Nothing says I’m too lazy to be bothered than this one and yet, it’s better than many of the pictures posted.

2.     The blurry cell phone picture full of distractions – No one actually sees you when you’re out of focus and surrounded by all of the stuff in your living room or the hallway

3.     The fill the frame with my face floating head – I see lots of these and they are kind of scary, you really need to include part of your neck and shoulders.

4.     The glamour shot – I see a ton of these and while it may be a great image of you, it’s not a professional one unless you’re in the entertainment business

5.     The party girl/ guy – What does this tell a prospective employer about your priorities?

6.     The grumpy serious face – You want to look approachable

7.     The something is growing out of your head – Again, this is a distraction from who you are and looks amateurish.

8.     I see a lot that I refer to as the Oompah Loompah pictures; these are the ones that are poorly taken with bad white balance and look orange or bright yellow. These colors are not natural and don’t look healthy.

9.     Looking away from the camera - While it might be a nice angle for an artsy image it’s not what you want for business. You want to be looking at the camera so that the person viewing your image feels that you are engaged.

10.  Just general poor image quality in exposure, focus and tone – This is your face to the social media business world, do you really want to represent yourself like this?

Does your headshot sound like any of the above? If so, consider having a professional image taken. You will stand out above others as a professional. When you work with a professional photographer they will work with you to bring out the character and personality that you want to show. You’ll be prepared for LinkedIn and if your new company asks for a headshot for the website you will have it ready and they won’t have to take you out into the hallway with the fie year old point and shoot that they use for the ID badges and take the obligatory picture. You will instead be ready with a shiny professional image that makes you and the company look better.

My headshot package is $200 and includes 3 fully processed digital images. You can also purchase additional images processed from the shoot for $25 each. Once you have your professional headshots your biggest problem will be deciding which one to put use.

I am also available for staff headshots for groups.

I understand that people can be nervous and I also understand how to get a good look and deliver the image that you want. I take my time and work with you to relax you, we actually have fun. I bring professional gear and lighting and will work with various conditions. I know what looks good in a professional headshot because I love taking them.

The following headshots are examples of different approaches. They’re all in focus, well lit with the subject engaged with the camera. The difference is the purpose of each image and what the client wanted to portray.

Diane is a massage therapist, she wanted a very casual and approachable look to her images. She chose outdoors and neat casual clothing.


Jun is an accountant; she wanted a little more professional look but not too corporate. We used a solid background and she dressed more business casual.


Steve needed a full corporate image for the website of the company he was about to start at. He is a consultant and needed an image that would look good to their client base.



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