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Edgy Boudoir

July 22, 2015  •  1 Comment

Recently I took a workshop at work from Franklin Covey on the Seven habits of effective people. What does this have to do with Boudoir? Especially a topic like edgy boudoir, well I'll tell you. One of the concepts I took away from the class was their quote "Begin with the end in mind". 

I have found that I love boudoir, but I want to do my style. So first I think about what I like, what am I trying to achieve. I like edgy and contrast. I like that contrast of a beautiful model and a harsher background. I like contrasting light. I love retro glam and I like contrasting textures.

There are a few things I like to do when trying out a new look. Start a Pinterest board and find a model that I know and am comfortable with. I also want to find a model that I think will have fun with the vision and collaborate with me. So I created this board and called Sasha

I think it took two sentences to get Sasha onboard. We booked the studio at Union 206 and proceeded with the planning of our edgy, urban, industrial boudoir session. I got my friend Stephanie onboard to assist, packed up my fog machine and bought a spiked bra and torn hose on Amazon. I swear you can find anything on Amazon and that bra was dirt cheap.

Studio C at Union 206 has a full shipping container, some great gritty walls and a full white seamless wall. Sasha got her makeup on and we figured out an outfit to start with. I wanted Sasha to have fun so her music went into the sound system. sometimes we just let her dance and have fun. 

Here's a sultry shot that I love



As usual I also got a headshot, why? Because I have to get a headshot, it's what I love




We were rocking this shoot and really wanted to get some sexy shots of Sasha on the floor of the white background. I thought of sillouette shapes but decided to go with this look instead. I will tell you, this girl is working her core for these shots. We as in Sasha took a lot of breaks. My core didn't do nearly what her's was doing.


I love the softness of her pose coupled with the edgy clothing. 

Finally we moved on to the shipping container. In between these sultry images there was plenty of time for silliness and giggling. Those just don't portray boudoir so they don't make the final cut. However, for you my blog reader I will share one (don't kill me Sasha, I love you) BTW - this image is unedited straight out of the camera. She's just that pretty even when being silly


We set up the fan and let her hair blow while playing her music. I always give direction while letting the model have plenty of creative reign. This is one of my favorite shots of the session


In the end we got some really beautiful shots that capture Sasha's natural beauty and brought out her edgy nature. This style is a lot of fun and I'm happy to work with you to create a similar look and feel to your photoshoot. 

If you're a photographer looking to hire a model, please consider Sasha. She's a total professional and really fun to work with. You  can find her here


If you're looking for a retro or edgy boudoir session, please contact me and we can talk. I'd be very happy to work with you to create your vision





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Your work is getting amazing, congratulations. AndyD
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