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5 Reasons to book a Boudoir/ Pinup session

February 19, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I love shooting boudoir and pinup and it's a lot of fun. I like it because I enjoy working with each woman to find the best poses for them. I love watching someone relax and as the session goes on and to watch their confidence soar. I feel that these sessions are empowering and allow you to express your feminine beauty and strength.

A lot of women find the process intimidating and I can understand why. You will be wearing skimpy clothing while having your photos taken. If you're not a professional model this can be a daunting exercise and yet; it is totally worth it.

So, why would you want to do a boudoir or pinup session with me???

Because it's fun and you're going to come out of it feeling better about yourself!

You don't have to believe me, listen to Becky a recent client of mine. I am taking her quotes directly from the guestbook where she posted about our pinup session.

Reason # 1 It's a blast!

Reason #2 The hair and makeup is a ton of fun and so are the outfits

Becky - "I've been wanting to do a classic pinup shoot for years (before my body gives out on me). I've always thought "Well, maybe someday..." but never made actual plans. After helping with my friend Elena's boudoir shoot at Union 206 Studio, and after seeing the final product, I knew Ali was the person for my shoot. 
She created a Pinterest board, and we began pinning (with Elena's help), outfits and poses for the shoot. One of her pins included Santa-themed lingerie, and she asked if I'd be comfortable working that into the session. Since it is was only two weeks from Christmas, I figured I'd have a glass of liquid courage and go for it! I was very anxious in the days leading up to the shoot. I'm not a photogenic person - in fact, the night before my shoot, I spent most of the time photo-bombing group photos at a friend's party. 
The day of the shoot arrived, and I was extremely apprehensive. I love doing my hair and makeup, so that part was a lot of fun, but I was really scared about seeing my body in any sort of risqué lingerie. I am comfortable in my skin to an extent, but I have given birth to two boys, so I have my insecurities. Thankfully, I had some great friends in tow, and Ali had a fantastic and easygoing assistant, so I left my insecurities at the door and went for it. 

Reason #3

Bring your friends and make it a party

Becky - "We listened to Ali's 40's playlist for a while (inspiration), and we switched to dance music when the dress came off and the corset was laced. I had no clue what I was doing, but Ali knew what she wanted, so she guided me through the poses and made me feel confident and sexy. 2 hours felt like 2 minutes, and before we knew it, we had gone through 6 outfits - everything from a dress, to a bikini, to a bra and pleather hot pants! I loved every minute. I went home feeling proud and confident."

Reason #4

Face your fears and insecurities and come out on top, EMPOWER YOURSELF!

Becky - "Then I woke up and thought "Oh my god...what was I thinking...I hate my body..." 
I opened my messages and Ali had already loaded over 100 pictures from the shoot. I began scrolling through the photos anxiously, with my husband at my side. I was absolutely blown away! I looked like a friggin pinup! Even with my imperfections, I saw a side of myself I didn't know existed.
If you've ever thought about doing something like this for yourself, or your significant other, Ali is your girl - please, please go for it! (You wont regret it.)"

Reason #5

You will be really happy to have the experience, the memories and the images.


Without making you wait any longer I will show you some of the images from our session. A word about how I post process these images. I do not change the shape of a woman's body. I use Photoshop to apply vintage effects, to smooth skin and to present a professional image but what you  see is all Becky. I feel that if I was to start pushing, plumping, thinning and changing a woman's shape I am saying she isn't good enough as she is. That's not the point of these shoots, the point is to show the real beauty that you are.














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