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Visual Impact - Why hire a professional photographer

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My husband and I recently bought a house and are in the process of closing and preparing our townhouse for sale. As we looked at houses I remember seeing so much bad photography and being frustrated because I couldn't see past it to see what the house was like. As a buyer I found myself turned off if I thought the house was going to be dark and small. There were even a few houses where I fell in love with the pictures and the house itself wasn't right for us, but the pictures got us out to look.

Now that we're selling we hired a stager to come and look at our townhouse and help us sell it quicker. Carla spoke about how the first impression that a buyer will have is the online imagery and the visual impact of that. As we walked through the rooms she guided our eyes  to the various parts of our house and showed us what people would be drawn to and what to detract from. She kept saying that we needed that visual impact to draw in the buyers so that ours would be the house they remember from the 5 or 6 that they look at during a day of house hunting.

So what does this have to do with photography? We're all about visual impact and as a professional I'm trained to look for things you wouldn't even think about. I'm looking at the light and making decisions on how to light you to your best, I'm also considering the composition of the image and what should or shouldn't be in the shot. I'm studying your face to see if you have a better side. In post processing I make decisions on the crop of the image to draw the viewer in. I want them to know a that part of you that you want to portray. That's my job and I love doing it.

Headshots are the part of photography where you're selling your self image, you really need a strong visual impact in order to make that first impression and to make it strong and positive. In the online professional world visual impact can make or break your LinkedIn profile and get you that second look or passed over.

As a professional I'm going to ask you about the look that you want to portray. We'll work on outfits and colors and where to shoot and what kind of image to create. Each headshot is customized to your needs and my experience and eye is a big part of how we're going to collaborate and put together the image that will support you in success.

I recently had the pleasure to shoot Jenni. She's from Arizona and had admired the work I did for a friend of hers. When she was visiting she made arrangements for us to do headshots. She is in education and wanted environmental shots that would show her as intelligent, approachable and add a bit of fun. She punched up the colors a bit and really brought some style to her shoot. I searched out the perfect location to get the look that she wanted and we shot at the Mosaic District in Falls Church. I love this area because I can get an urban look easily, there are a lot of white buildings that throw around the light making for a big softbox of lighting. They also have easy free parking and some great restaurants.

Here's the images that Jenni received and is now using professionally.





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