Alicyn Drew Photography | The Alicyn Drew Photography Experience

There are a lot of excellent technical photographers out there. Why would you pick me over another? Pick me if you're looking for a positive experience that is a lot of fun that creates memories to go with the images.

I have been told repeatedly that people feel comfortable when they work with me. When you feel relaxed it will come through in the images and you will be MUCH happier with the results. What I offer is an experience and a connection that is unique to me and my personality. 

I offer several packages that will give you a photographic experience that is fun and suited to your needs. I'm going to interact with you A LOT, it's what I do. I'm going to show you the images as I take them so that I can get your feedback. I am going to ask you questions and not assume that I know what you want and I'm going to listen carefully to your feedback to give you the images and the experience that meets or far exceeds your expectations. 

But don't just listen to me, here's what one of my clients has to say

"Ali Drew is my go to photographer. When my family needed photos done, we asked her first, because we know she is the best. I've done a few shoots with just her and I and I think she really makes the shoot special. We always have a fun time shooting. I count on her to produce quality photos, and an amazingly fun time" 

Testimonial blog written by a client about her photo session with me.

Photography packages

The Studio Experience:

In this experience you will meet me at the studio in Alexandria where we will have a 2 hour session. You will have a private dressing room. This is a great way to go if you're looking for a really special photographic experience. YOU WILL FEEL LIKE A ROCKSTAR as you and I work with the lighting, backgrounds and outfits to create the look that you want. Feel free to bring a friend to assist in your styling. This session can be split with another person.

I highly suggest that if you choose this experience that you work with a professional hair and makeup artist in advance to enhance the day and help create the best possible images. I can help you find someone if you don't have anyone that you already work with. Hair and makeup is not part of this session.

Fee starts at $400 includes post processing of up to 8 images of your choosing. Additional images can be processed at $25 an image.

Kareemah who chose the Studio Experience: My photo shoot experience on March 15 was engaging, fun and so importantly, successful. Ali's talent for photography and engaging her clients is remarkable. Ali's creativity and attention to detail truly supported my goal of taking pictures for marketing materials I'm working on for my Zumba instruction business. I felt comfortable and free to really express my artistic vision during the photo shoot and Ali's planning and execution made that possible. She's got a great personality that seems to magically remove any nervousness or uncertainty from any person is not big on having their pictures taken ...These pics mean more to me that just visuals for a website. Ali's talent allowed me to see my true self and inner beauty, and I think that is so important for the world to see! I recommend Ali for anyone who wants high-quality photography with fabulous results!



The Environmental Experience:

In this experience I will meet you in an outdoor location of your choosing within 25 miles of Alexandria, VA. We will find the best lighting and backgrounds and photograph you as we explore. You will be highly engaged in the creative process as we analyze and look for the best light and backgrounds. We will work together to create images that will create lasting memories. These images will be about you and the surroundings. Some ideas are to pick a park for something soft and natural, a historic city at night for that Film Noir look, an urban area for that grunge appeal. It's all fun, creative and will make you feel awesome and inspired! You are welcome to include friends and family and do group shots, depending on the size of the group pricing may vary.

I highly recommend that you work with a professional hair and makeup artist in advance to enhance the day and results of the images. 

Fee starts at $350 includes post processing of up to 8 images of your choosing. Additional images will be processed at $25 an image.



The Motoring Enthusiast

These are very special and creative images about the connection you have with your vehicle. I have worked to achieve a specific style which makes you with your car the star and can bring out an urban gritty feel or a natural exhilarating feel. These images frequently involve compositing into another background but can be  shot on site. I will create one amazing image which can be you and your car or just the car. I'm a motoring enthusiast myself and understand how to make a car look its best.

These sessions start at $250 including one image processed. Additional images will be priced based on the complexity of the technique. I can work with car clubs or groups for discounted pricing. 



Client feedback

Stephanie: Alicyn is one of my favorite photographers to work with. She's highly professional, very creative, and very talented. She is also open to suggestions. When she directs, she does so without sounding mean or bossy and it's really fun. Photo shoots with Alicyn are always fun and easy going. She's phenomenal :D

Gwen: Alicyn was fantastic ... she was patient with my rambunctious boys and they had fun playing while she snapped shots. Often photo shoots can be stiff and overly-posed, but her pictures capture an Autumn afternoon of exploration and excitement for these three characters. As for my pictures, I am a blinker, and not terribly photogenic ... but Alicyn captured several great shots in very complimentary lighting, and with great care for angles and pleasing placement. These pictures were snapped rather quickly and with little time for setup (our time pressures, not hers), so I was very impressed with how well they came out. I can't wait to do another family photo session with Ali!

Carolyn and Josh: From the very beginning, Alicyn did such a great job setting everything up to make sure the photo shoots went just as planned. She took the time to ensure lighting was at optimal conditions, great backgrounds / scenery, and most importantly making us feel comfortable so that the pictures looked natural. My husband and I felt at ease during the entire shoot and Alicyn is now our "go to" person for all of our photography needs.

Joe - Testimonial